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Sock Techniques DVD

Sock Techniques DVD

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Now is the perfect time to improve your knitting skills while you are safe at home.

The Learn with Lucy DVDs are a perfect tool for the visual learner! Every DVD was professionally filme Vd to give you a clear view of each technique demonstrated. Each DVD contains a handy navigation menu to let you find your topic faster.

The two sock technique DVDs grew out of the book Cool Socks Warm Feet, since so many knitters appreciate watching the techniques "in real time". The illustrated techniques work for ALL sock knitting, not just the patterns in the book.

Format is Disc.

Designer: Lucy Neatby
Skill Level: Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Techniques Used: Strong elastic cast-on edges, knitting in the round with one or two circulars or double pointed needles, failsafe toe grafting without loose stitches, relaxed bind-offs, great cuffs, sock anatomy, and more.

Running Time: 2 hours 55 minutes

NOTE: Page References relate to Lucy's book "Cool Socks Warm Feet"

Choosing Yarn for Socks (p.87)
Choosing Needles for Socks (p.80)
Sock Anatomy and Fitting
Common turned heel
Tubular sock with an inserted heel
Comparison of common and inserted heels

Bind-Off Methods
Picot (p.33)
Modified Conventional knitwise
Modified Conventional purlwise and in rib (p.120)
The last stitch, joining the gap
Expanded rib (p.33
Three Needle (p.119)

Cast-On Methods
Long-Tail / Continental (with two hands) (p.105 - 107)
Adjusting the width of your cast-on edge (p.105 - 107)
Adjusting the tension of your cast-on stitches (p.105 - 107)
Looking after your tail yarn (p.105 - 107)
Long-Tail / Continental (one-hand)
Long-Tail variation for an extra strong elastic edge (ideal for socks) (p.105 - 107)
Picot (p.75)
Provisional Crochet (p.110)
Setting up working in the round with a provisional edge
Working in the round down from a provisional edge

Cuffs and Edgings for Top-Down Socks
Latvian Twist (p.105)
Ruffled Turn-Over (simulating round knitting) and a purlwise double decrease (p.38
Scalloped Turn-Over (p.38)
Wavy Edge (K2, O, k2, k2t) (p.54)

Cuffs and Edgings for Toe-Up Socks
Expanding a 2 x 2 Rib with a m1 increase and 'working as set' (p.33)
Binding off an Expanded 2 x 2 edge (p.33)
Double Layer Rib facing with double turning round (p.77)
Garter stitch in the round

Finishing Techniques
Duplicate Stitch (Swiss Darning) (p.115)
Circular Sutures, the Boggle and naturally occurring holes (p.115)
Phoney duplicate stitching
Joining the gap in a cast-on edge, and neatening yarn tails
Joining the gap in a bound-off edge
Darning ends from toes
Grafting the Toe (Kitchener Stitch)
Make the sock Toe Chimney (p.117)
Using the sock Toe Chimney (p.117)

Common Heel
Dividing for the heel flap Working the Heel Flap in Alternative Heel Stitch (p.16)
Checking the length of the heel flap
Areas of Adjustment in the Heel flap (p.72)
Turning the heel and using a reinforcing yarn
Areas of Adjustment in turning the heel
Knitting up the stitches around the heel and resuming working in the round (p.16)
Stitch distribution and the first round
Areas of Adjustment after turning the heel

Toes - Common Wedge
Shapings for the Common wedge (p.18)

Working in the Round with Double Pointed Needles
Casting on and dividing the stitches (p.100)
Joining the round and setting up the needles
Circulating stitches, starting with a knit or a purl?
Transporting your work
Running yarn markers (p.113)
Three needles when working with few stitches

Working in the Round with One Long Circular Needle
Casting on and joining the round
Working on one long circular needle

Working in the Round with Two Circular Needles
Casting on and joining the round (p.102)
Working on two circular needles

Tips for Great Socks (p.7)

Garment Gallery
A brief look at a selection of garments incorporating many of the techniques covered

The Small Print
A printable text section covering:
Filming considerations
Copyright issues
About Lucy
Product information