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Knitting Gems 2 DVD

Knitting Gems 2 DVD

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Now is the perfect time to improve your knitting skills while you are safe at home.

The Learn with Lucy DVDs are a perfect tool for the visual learner! Every DVD was professionally filmed to give you a clear view of each technique demonstrated. Each DVD contains a handy navigation menu to let you find your topic faster.

Running Time: 1 hours 45 minutes

Becoming Ambidextrous!
Knitting with the right hand
Knitting with the left hand
Purling with the right hand
Purling with the left hand
One yarn in each hand
Above and Below yarns
Weaving-in right hand yarn
Weaving-in left hand yarn and colour dominance
Diagram of weaving
Weaving frequencies
Both yarns in the right hand
Both yarns in the left hand

Steeks, Shapings, Scissors
Steeks in shaped fabric
Building a neck/arm bridge
Binding off around the top
Cutting the steeks
Joining the shoulders

The Mysterious Gully
The two-row gully
Alternative purling, right hand
Knitting alternative stitches
Purling with the left hand, alternative and regular
Rethinking your decreases

Short Row Techniques
Regular (right edge)
Neatening wraps on RS
Regular (left edge)
Neatening wraps on WS
Neatening forgotten wraps
Smoothing shoulders
Japanese method (set up)
Neatening on RS, Japanese Neatening on WS
Japanese In Garter stitch
Yarn-over method
Comparison diagrams
Planning your short rows
SR in the round