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Knitting Essentials 2 DVD

Knitting Essentials 2 DVD

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Now is the perfect time to improve your knitting skills while you are safe at home.

The Learn with Lucy DVDs are a perfect tool for the visual learner! Every DVD was professionally filmed to give you a clear view of each technique demonstrated. Each DVD contains a handy navigation menu to let you find your topic faster.

In Knitting Essentials 2 you will find more bind-off methods, more cast-on methods, as well as circular knitting basics, and lots more besides that.

Format is Disc.

Designer: Lucy Neatby

Skill Level: Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Techniques Used: 3 more bind-off methods, 2 more cast-on methods, working in the round, cutting your knitting, more Finishing Basics, grafting (Kitchener stitch), and other miscellaneous useful techniques to save time and sanity.

Running Time: 2 hours 10 minutes

List of Topics Covered:


Bind-Off Methods
Modified conventional, knitwise
Modified conventional, purlwise and in rib
Three needle in brief

Cast-On Methods
Provisional Crochet
Removing the provisional edge
Knitting down flat
Knitting into a crochet chain
Cast-off cast-on
The first row after a PCCO edge
Working in the round down from a provisional edge

Circular Needles
Advantages and options
Casting on, joining the round and checking for twists
Starting the second round
Right or left hand yarn manipulation?
Two-hand training
Stranded knitting and working inverted
Simulation of circular knitting for gauge swatches

Cutting Your Knitting
Unplanned cutting
Pre-planned cutting: Setting up a steek
Sewing the steek
Preparing to cut, blocking details
Cutting and joyously eliminating ends
Finishing the cut edge: knitting up stitches and neatening the raw edge

More Finishing Basics
Shoulder seams and a finishing strategy including Three-needle bind-off in brief
Mattress stitch for side seams
Adding more sewing yarn
Adjusting mis-matched edges
Preplanning for finishing
Darning in ends to seam and avoiding premature finishing
Why not slip your selvage stitches?
Mattress stitching stranded fabrics
Knitting up new stitches
Grafting stitch tops to stitch tops using waste yarn
Sleeve tops - setting stitches to rows using waste yarn at the top of the sleeve
Sleeve tops - setting stitches to rows with a bound-off sleeve edge

Grafting stitch tops to stitch tops using waste yarn
Grafting diagram to explain the ? stitch joggle
Grafting stitch tops to stitch tops with a vertical stripe
Comparison of Grafting and three needle
Grafting toes (Kitchener stitch): Make the sock toe chimney
Grafting toes (Kitchener stitch): using the sock toe chimney
Neatening tails in a sock Toe Chimney

Coil-less pins
Yarn butterflies
Wraps per inch W.P.I.
Running Yarn Markers / Knitting in the round on dpns
Slip knot
Threading a darning needle
The Contented stitch
Hill stitches and valley loops